Registering Foreign Subsidiaries in MENA

Posted on: February 19, 2021
Author: Hisham Kassim

Kassim Legal has created a guide that sets out the process, expected timeline, and expenses for registering a wholly-owned subsidiary in one of the main markets in the Middle East. The guide assumes that the wholly-owned subsidiary will be registered in Jordan since Jordan has one of the most complex and rigorous foreign ownership requirements in the MENA region. However, the process will be very similar for registering wholly-owned subsidiaries in other MENA markets such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or in one of the free zones in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”). The guide also assumes that the parent company, which will own the wholly-owned subsidiary, is registered in the State of Delaware but again, the process will be very similar if the parent is registered in another jurisdiction such as the British Virgin Islands, the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom. 

Registering a wholly-owned subsidiary in MENA is carried out over two distinct phases. During Phase 1, the wholly-owned subsidiary is registered by 1-2 individuals (referred to as the Initial Shareholders) and then during Phase 2, after the wholly-owned subsidiary is registered, the Subsidiary is transferred to the parent company. To learn more, please download our guide here.

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